I’m Pleased to Meet You!

Hello, Internet world! I’m so glad you stopped by to visit. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Rachel and I’m a 28 year old, recently married girl living in Denver, Colorado. I was not born in Colorado, but moved here at the age of thirteen from New Jersey. Fast forward nearly sixteen years, and I consider myself to be a genuine (if not native) Coloradan. I love the mountains, the beer, and the football! I also love to run, but that hasn’t always been the case. Growing up, I hated running and tried to find any excuse to get out of the mile run in gym class. After college, I began a desk job and started to gain a little weight. I didn’t exercise much at all and was enjoying a few too many craft beers and take-out food. I decided I needed to make some healthy changes and signed up to run a 10k race that my company sponsors. I still have no idea what really prompted me to decide I wanted to run a race, but I think it had to do with the idea that without a goal looming in front of me, I wouldn’t likely stick to my fitness plan. I crossed the finish line of that race in May of 2014 and was immediately hooked on everything running and racing. Since that fateful day, I have completed four marathons, nine half marathons, and numerous other races. I have no intention of slowing down, and I hope this blog can serve as a place for me to document my life and my training.

Despite having completed a lot races in a short period of time, I am by no means an expert on running and am most definitely a middle-of-the-pack runner. I am not ashamed of this, but if you’re looking for advice from a speedy runner, my blog won’t be all that helpful to you! I run because I enjoy it. It’s that simple. I enjoy the act of running and training. I enjoy the satisfaction of accomplishing new goals (new distances, new personal best times, etc.) Running has also helped me learn to love myself a little better. It’s hard not to appreciate a body that can run for 26.2 miles. This is probably the best lesson running has taught me; to be grateful that I have a healthy and strong body that can run. I enjoy running solo, as my alone time. I enjoy running with others for the social interaction. In fact, the people I’ve met through running are some of the best people I know. In 2015 I joined the Oiselle running team- a nationwide (worldwide, really) team of several thousand women who come together united by a love of the sport. My decision to join this team was one of the best things I have done for myself. I’ve met so many amazing women who inspire me daily, and no matter what city I run in, I’m bound to have a whole tribe of people to meet up with.

Post-race Oiselle team photo at the 2016 BolderBoulder 10k!
At the starting line of Grandma’s Marathon in June. I love being a part of the Oiselle team- I’ve met so many amazing women because of it! 

When I first started running, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t know what to wear, how to train, or what racing was like. I didn’t really have any friends that ran. Most of them thought I was crazy for wanting to do it. So, I turned to the Internet. I began reading running blogs like a woman possessed. I read blogs of super speedy women. I read blogs of women who balanced motherhood, careers, and school with running. I read blogs of women who weren’t very speedy but simply ran for the love of it. I read blogs of professional runners. I read blogs of women who overcame immense obstacles to their health to run. I was inspired by the diversity of the running world and I truly believed for the first time that I might be able to do it. Perhaps my blog can do that for others. I hope you keep stopping by!


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